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Stay Cool in Spring – The Outlook on Natural Gas Air Conditioning 2011

Green Scene: “Profitable Partnership” from Affordable Housing Finance

Advances in Steam Cooling

Cooling Process Facilities with Natural Gas.   Benefits Include More Than Comfort

Chiller-Plant Design in a Deregulated Electric Environment

Economic Analysis of Hybrid Chiller Plants

Seafood Processor Keeps Cool Economically With Gas Engine-Driven Refrigeration System with Heat Recovery

Liquid Desiccant systems for Food Processing.   Meeting the Need for Precise Humidity Control

Gas Cooling in the Era of Deregulation

Dry-Cooling News

Process Applications for Small Absorption Chillers

Blackout Shows Need for Generator Maintenance

Hospitals Purchase First Four High-Efficiency GED Chillers

Hospital Achieves Top Efficiency With Hybrid System


Single-Stage Steam and Hot Water Absorption Chillers by York

Two-Stage Direct Fired and Steam Absorption Chillers by York

Gas Engine-Driven Chillers by York

Steam-Turbine Drive Chillers by York

York Chiller-Plant Design for a Deregulated World

Gas Engine-Driven Chillers by Tecochill

Absorption Chillers in Industry by Trane

Absorption Chillers in Commerce by Trane

Case Studies:

Utility Showcases State-of-the-Art Small Air-Cooled Packaged Gas Chillers

Two Tecochill CH-25ACP Gas Engine-Driven Chillers installed in the Southwest Gas Yuma District Office represent the very latest in small air-cooled packaged gas chillers,”

Senior Housing High-Rise Gets New Chiller at No Cost – Trent Center East 

A 229-unit senior housing high-rise building installs a new 200 ton natural gas engine driven chiller to replace the twenty year old single effect steam absorption chiller

Haarlem – The Netherlands

A 2 MW, 382 unit apartment project utilizes Gas Absorption Water Source Heat Pump Systems lower facilities energy bill and provide a substantial improvement in living comfort.

Gas Absorption Geothermal Heat Pump System – Benny Farm, Montreal – Canada

The project provides a new standard for construction that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, potable water use, the production of waste water, and the production of solid waste through retrofitting, reuse and waste diversion.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Casa Serena, Rovigo – Italy

A 40-year old elder care facility must comply with new guidelines from the local authority for this type of facility. The project required heating and cooling the 6 floor facility.

Gas Absorption Water-Water Heat Pump System – Cantina Selvapiana, Rufina (Firenze) – Italy

These Robur units are utilized to satisfy both the comfort conditioning of the staff and also provide the process chilled and hot water requirements during the wine making process.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Civil Engineering, Arco (Trento) – Italy

The building, which serves as headquarters for a Civil Engineering group, is located in a small business park and consists of offices, a large open space and conference room.  This innovative application provides an innovative alternative to traditional electric compression systems.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Gambro Dasco, Medolla (Modena) – Italy

The 27,000 square feet facility serves approximately 105 employees in a modern 2-story building, consisting of offices and conference rooms. The HVAC system provides significant savings to the facilities owners.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Glastonbury, CT

A new 9,000-sq-ft Colonial style house is heated and cooled by two natural gas-fired absorption heat pumps.  This is one of the first residential installation of these unique heat pumps, which have a rated efficiency of 126%.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Messaggerie del Garda Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova) – Italy

Using absorption heat pumps, a highly efficient system was retrofitted into this 3-story, glass-walled office building.  The installation had low impact on the previous water system and by optimizing energy consumption, provided heating efficiency up to 126% HHV).

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Zanovello S.p.A., Padova,  Italy

This multi-unit installation heats and cools a 64,000 cubic feet space with 9,000 cubic feet of offices and the balance dedicated to manufacturing, laboratories and test room.

Rowan University – New Jersey

  • Energy Component of University’s Master Plan Addresses Key Facility Concerns
  • New energy complex includes a 3.5 MW and a 1.2 MW Solar turbine units, hybrid chilled water plant including steam-driven chillers and high efficiency steam boilers.

Four Times Square – New York, NY

  • Creating an environmentally compatible “green” building meant reducing the use of energy resources.
  • Owner/operator Durst Corp. gave direct-fired, two-stage gas absorption chillers the green light.

Natural gas saves money and the environment – Anoka-Hennepin School District, MN

  • School district cools schools and eliminates chemical refrigerants with direct-fired absorption chillers

Central Plant Serves 12-Building Complex – DuPage County Governmental Complex, IL

  • Flexibility is the hallmark of this central plant and chilled water distribution system. Dual fuel boilers provide steam to absorption chiller as it shares base load and peaking duties with electric centrifugal chiller plant.

Chicago High-Rise Property Selects Hybrid Plant for Chiller Replacement

  • Combination chiller plant improves negotiating position with energy suppliers for building owners and improves comfort for tenants.

Steam Heats, Cools, Provides Electricity at Pioneering Vermont College – Middlebury College, VT

  • Backpressure steam-turbine generators along with single-stage absorption chillers maximize college’s use of steam plant.

Pasadena Corporate Center Chooses Direct-Fired Absorption

  • Integrating separate chiller plants with electric centrifugal and absorption chillers provides flexibility with changing conditions of load, weather and economics.

Pierce College Faces Comfort Challenge – Los Angeles, CA

  • With temperatures reaching 108o, air conditioning is essential to foster a productive learning environment. A hybrid chiller plant with natural gas absorption and electric centrifugal chillers answered the need on a sprawling and growing campus.

South Jersey Healthcare – Bridgeton, NJ

  • Noise can be a problem in a hospital environment. So can high and fluctuating energy costs. A new hybrid chiller system cured both problems at South Jersey Healthcare.

College Chooses Hybrid Chiller Approach For Flexibility, Optimum Rates – Texas Lutheran University – Sequin, TX

  • University officials felt a hybrid chiller system would help them negotiate better prices from both their gas and electric utilities.

Tri-fuel Chiller Plant Delivers Significant Energy Savings to Owners of New York City’s Time & Life Building

  • Building boasts a one-of-a-kind tri-fuel plant that uses electric-, steam- and natural gas-powered chillers to meet increased cooling demands and achieve substantial savings in energy costs.

Savings with natural gas help speed payback — Unity Hospital Fridley, MN

  • Using natural gas for cooling qualifies hospital for an electric load management program, which significantly lowers their summer electric costs.

Bulova Corporate Center – Queens, NY

  • Bulova watches as engine-driven chillers eliminate demand charges and provide free hot water for the health spa, fitness facility, swimming pool, art museum, conference center and retail space at its corporate center.

CNN Center Cashes In On Energy Savings With New Hybrid Cooling Plant – Atlanta, GA

  • CNN is making news and taking advantage of real-time pricing by replacing one of its three electric centrifugal chillers with a natural gas engine-driven chiller.

Hartford YMCA – Hartford, CT

  • For nonprofit YMCA, engine-driven chillers are easy on the budget and complement existing cogeneration plant.

Natural-gas, Engine-drive Chiller Makes A Believer – Methodist Hospital of Indiana

  • Natural gas, engine-driven centrifugal chiller delivers unprecedented part-load efficiency, quiet operation and a COP above 2.3.

Natural gas for flexibility and savings — Schwan’s Super Rink Blaine, MN

  • Natural gas engine-driven chiller and desiccant dehumidification fueled by engine waste heat keep ice and air clear and costs down.

Hybrid Electric-Steam Chiller Plant Cools Maryland Basketball Arena – College Park, MD

  • College scores a win by using excess steam from its cogeneration plant to meet variable cooling load of its multi-purpose facility with electric and steam turbine drive centrifugal chillers.

Hospital saves space and dollars with YORK® prescription – Washington, DC

  • York package of steam-turbine and electric chillers plus construction, project management and financing is just what the doctor ordered.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drives Help Keep the Cost of Beer Down During Hot Summers — Miller Brewery, Irwindale, CA

  • Substantial operating savings and short paybacks convince Southern California Edison customer to install natural gas engine-driven screw compressors as a solution to its high real-time pricing rate.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drive Demonstrates Energy Saving Benefits — Aquamar, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • A single natural gas engine-driven ammonia compressor proves worth for California food processor.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drive Demonstrates Energy Saving Benefits for Food Processor — Gills Onion, Oxnard, CA

  • Engine-driven compressors operating during daytime peak operating hours in tandem with electric compressors at night and off-peak provide substantial operating cost savings.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drive with Heat Recovery Demonstrates Peak Shaving Benefits — Schwan’s Super Rink, Blaine, MN

  • Natural gas engine-driven chiller and desiccant dehumidification fueled by engine waste heat keep ice and air clear and costs down.

Gas Ops Installs New Service at the National Guard Armory – Fort Pierce Utility Authority, FL

Breathing comfort with lower costs – Brentwood Hi-Rise, MN

  • Payback of just a few months makes natural gas humidifiers an economical alternative to electric units.

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

  • A CHP plant drives a chiller plant, produces steam heat and cools water, and meets 90% or more of wintertime electric demand for 16 high energy demand campus buildings.

An new gas cooling customer — Massachusetts Bay

  • When cooling nine separate zones in a country manor, the adaptability and flexibility of Robur gas air conditioning units makes them an ideal choice.

Retirement New England Style

Unique cooling challenges demand innovative solutions for a New England retirement home.

Gas Chiller Cools Connecticut Colonial

  • Gas chiller keeps young family’s new 1,800 square foot home cool during record summer heat

Homeowner Appreciates Long Life and Energy Savings of Gas Air Conditioner

  • While neighbors repeatedly replace electric air conditioning units, the 4-ton gas unit installed in 1979 still keeps its homeowners comfortable during hot humid summers.

New York Horse Racing Fans Can Bet On Staying Cool

  • Win-win is how management at Queens’ Aqueduct Racetrack describes its choice of natural gas chillers.

Tecochill® Chillers Custom Fit Into a Tight Space and Budget

  • Nervous clients keep their cool in Family Courthouse while Philadelphia’s Department of Public Property takes advantage of “the great bubble” of summertime natural gas.

Owners of Newly Built Hotel Opt for Gas Chiller Instead of Rom A/C Units

  • Gas chiller proves more efficient than individual room air conditioning units and provides thermal energy for domestic hot water.

Natural Gas Engine-Driven Chiller Contributes Emergency Service and Savings to Medical Center’s Hybrid Plant.

  • Reduced emergency generator needs result in payback period of less than two months thanks to natural gas cooling.

Natural Gas Cooling Works Day and Night to Cool Montgomery College

  • Rockville, Maryland college uses gas chiller for ice production at night and to shave peak demand charges by day.

Chefs-In-Training Take the Heat in Gas Air Conditioned Kitchen

  • A zoned chilled water system solved ductwork and cost problems for the New England Culinary Institute’s kitchen and restaurant.

Camden, New Jersey Aquarium’s Cooling System Protects Sea Life and the State Operating Budget

  • Local utility’s demand side management program lowers aquarium’s operating costs and helps utility manage its load.

Tight Budget Leads Non Profit Organization to Efficient Gas Cooling

  • The efficiency of natural gas and utility incentives help home for aging meet its charitable mission.

Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center – Charleston, SC

  • Meeting cooling regulations required for operating rooms led VA medical center to upgrade its outdated system; reducing peak electric demand and ratchet charge penalties led them to natural gas.

Humidity Control Is Critical to Lithium Battery Manufacturer

  • Gas engine driven chiller produces ice and chilled water to assist desiccant dryers in maintaining low humidity.

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center – Queens, NY

  • Flexibility for growth, dependability during power outages, reliable service and quiet operation made natural gas a better choice for one of the nation’s fastest-growing hospitals.

Motion Picture & Television Fund Hospital – Woodland Hills, CA

  • Six new gas engine-driven cogeneration modules and a gas engine-driven chiller are helping this LA-area hospital achieve its goals:  keeping the environment clean, maximizing energy efficiency and saving money.

Renovated College Central Plant Creates Opportunities for Energy Research

  • Combination of absorption and engine driven chillers with low condensing water requirement allows university to continue using its existing water supply pipeline after energy plant upgrade

Product Sheets:

Tecochill 25-ton packaged air-cooled chiller

Tecochill 50-65 ton packaged air-cooled chiller

Tecochill 150-400 tons water cooled chiller

Trane Gas Powered CenTraVac™ (GPC) Chiller Package 165-3950 Tons

Trane Horizon™ Absorption Series/Two-Stage Steam-Fired Absorption Water Chillers, 380-1650 Tons

Trane Horizon™ Absorption Series/Single-Stage Hot Water or Steam-Fired Absorption Water Chillers, 500-1350 Tons

Trane Classic Absorption Single-Stage Hot Water or Steam-Fired Absorption Water Chillers, 112-465 Tons

SEMCO Revolution system

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