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Industrial Applications

In the following case studies, we look at some real-world examples of how these technologies are helping food processors, ice rinks and others control costs and maintain quality.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drives Help Keep the Cost of Beer Down During Hot Summers — Miller Brewery, Irwindale, CA

Substantial operating savings and short paybacks convince Southern California Edison customer to install natural gas engine-driven screw compressors as a solution to its high real-time pricing rate.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drive Demonstrates Energy Saving Benefits — Aquamar, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

A single natural gas engine-driven ammonia compressor proves worth for California food processor.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drive Demonstrates Energy Saving Benefits for Food Processor — Gills Onion, Oxnard, CA

Engine-driven compressors operating during daytime peak operating hours in tandem with electric compressors at night and off-peak provide substantial operating cost savings.

Engine Refrigeration Compressor Drive with Heat Recovery Demonstrates Peak Shaving Benefits — Schwan’s Super Rink, Blaine, MN

Natural gas engine-driven chiller and desiccant dehumidification fueled by engine waste heat keep ice and air clear and costs down.


Natural gas refrigeration offers these important advantages:

Provides precise temperature and humidity control for sensitive equipment and processes
Most industries already have natural gas service to their facility
Dual fuel capabilities let industrial facilities take advantage of lower summer and interruptible gas rates
Natural gas is reliable for critical and essential operations
Takes full advantage of every energy dollar through the use of excess boiler steam or hot water capacity, heat recovery and combination gas/electric hybrid systems
Environmentally friendly
Aquamar Study

Schwan’s Super Rink Study

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