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Advantages and Applications of Heat Pumps

Gas heat pumps are an economical, environmentally responsible  alternative to high electric costs and electric demand charges.  These systems provide significant operating cost savings that can easily offset equipment cost.  Depending on natural gas and electric rates and demand charges, payback periods for the various heat pump technologies vary, but can often range from two to four years.

A wide range of cooling and heating capacities and temperatures make gas heat pumps an excellent choice for:

  • Larger Residential Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers

The uses of natural gas heat pumps are as varied as the available systems.  The following case studies demonstrate what happens when gas technologies are applied to real-world situations.

The following case studies require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader which is available here.


Natural gas heat pumps offer these important advantages:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Variable speed for efficient partial load operation (Engine Drive Systems)
  • Lower maintenance
  • Longer operating life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Initial costs quickly offset by energy savings
  • Available in many sizes
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