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Many top manufacturers offer packaged and customized absorption cooling equipment suited to virtually every cooling need.  The following articles and brochures in printable PDF form provide information about some of the available equipment.


Product Specifications:

Absorption Chiller Manufacturers

Company Equipment Type Description

Key: DFDE – Direct Fired, Double Effect, IFDE – Indirect Fired, Double Effect, IFSE – Indirect Fired, Single Effect, SE- Single Effect, DE – Double Effect

Broad USA Absorption Systems DFDE, IFS and DE, Hot Water Chiller S and DE, 50 to 2,600 tons

Carrier Corporation Absorption Systems IFSE 100 to 680 Tons

Cention Corporation Absorption Systems DFDE 40 to 1,000, Hot Water SE 30 to 700, Steam DE 70 to 1,650, DFDE Chiller-Heater 3 Tons

Energen Absorption water chillers 100-800 tons

Energy Concepts Absorption Systems Absorption 15 – 150 tons, simultaneous heat and cooling, or refridgeration, co-produce hot water, either air or water cooled, (amonia water) custom to 15,000 tons

McQuay International Absorption Systems DFDE Chiller Heater & Simultaneous Operation 100 to 1,500 tons, IFDE Chiller 100 to 1,500 tons

Robur Absorption 5 Ton absorption chiller-heater, or link to 25 tons

Thermax Absorption Systems SteamDE 50 to 1,400 HWater SE 10 to 80 Prochill 100 to 1,400 Med/High HW 50 to 1,400, DFDE 75 to 1,000, TFluid 100 to 1,400 tons

Trane Absorption Systems DFDE 100 to 1,100, IFDE 380-1,650Tons, IFSE 112 to 1,350 Tons
     John Szymanski

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Yazaki Energy Systems Absorption Systems DFDE Chiller-Heater 30 to 100, IFSE Chiller 10 to 50 Tons

York Absorption DFDE Chiller-Heater 120 to 700 TR, IFDE Chiller 250 to 700 TR, SE Chiller 120 to 1,350 TR
     Sam Chatterton

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