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Many top manufacturers offer cooling equipment suited for varied types of cooling needs.  The following materials in printable PDF form provide information about some of the available equipment.


Product Sheets:

Desiccant System Manufacturers

Company Equipment Type Description
AIL Research Inc. Desiccant – Liquid 6,000 cfm packaged liquid-desiccant AC
Bry-Air Desiccant – Wheel 600 – 10,000CFM Brypac, 600-100,000 CFM VFB
Concepts and Designs Desiccant – Wheel 700 – 40,000 CFM
Drykor Thermal Air Conditioner – Liquid desiccant system Dehumidification and cooling in one unit 10 tons cooling, 2,500 CFM air
Kathabar Systems Division Desiccant – Liquid Desic. Dehumid. to 7,500 CFM Liquid Desic. to 84,000 CFM
Munters Corporation Humidity Control Desiccants and other Humidity Control Systems 300 to 8,0000 CFM
Novelaire Desiccant – Wheel BETA Testing a residential product
Seasons4 Desiccant – Wheel 4,000 to 50,000 CFM
SEMCO Desiccant – Wheel Desiccant Systems, Recovery Wheels
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