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Flexibility, performance and savings are key to gas cooling options for industry

Advancements in natural gas technology are making a variety of equipment options available to industry for all sorts of cooling needs.  Pharmaceuticals, electronics, precision machining, surface treating, printing and many other high-tech operations require precisely regulated environments.  Absorption cooling for space conditioning, desiccant dehumidification and gas-fired humidification can help maintain the temperature and humidity conditions necessary to proper performance of digitally controlled equipment and quality control in production processes.  Low temperature refrigeration, especially engine-driven chillers, is an economical option for the chilling and freezing requirements of food processors and ice production.  Energy intensive industries can benefit from the reliability and flexibility of hybrid cooling systems and combined heat and power.

Natural gas offers these industry specific advantages:


  • Provides precise temperature and humidity control for sensitive equipment and processes
  • Most industries already have natural gas service to their facility
  • Dual fuel capabilities let industrial facilities take advantage of lower summer and interruptible gas rates
  • Natural gas is reliable for critical and essential operations
  • Takes full advantage of every energy dollar through the use of excess boiler steam or hot water capacity, heat recovery and combination gas/electric hybrid systems
  • Environmentally friendly

The technology links in the upper right corner of this page provide more information about the different options available and how each can be applied to the needs of industry.


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