Advantages and Applications of Steam Turbine-Driven Cooling


Steam turbine-drive is applicable to large tonnage chillers with an existing source of steam to meet process and space conditioning cooling requirements.

You can estimate a likely payback period based on the natural gas and electric rates in your area using the Payback Calculator.

Steam turbine-drive chillers are turning up in some innovative cooling applications.  The following case studies demonstrate what happens when gas technologies are applied to real-world situations.

The following case studies require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader which is available here.

Hospital saves space and dollars with YORK®prescription – Washington, DC

York package of steam-turbine and electric chillers plus construction, project management and financing is just what the doctor ordered.

Hybrid Electric-Steam Chiller Plant Cools MarylandBasketball Arena – College Park, MD

College scores a win by using excess steam from its cogeneration plant to meet variable cooling load of its multi-purpose facility with electric and steam turbine drive centrifugal chillers.


Steam Turbine Drive cooling offers these important advantages:

  • Uses existing boiler system
  • Efficient option for power generation
  • Maximizes year round use of boiler system
  • Lower operating cost
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Tri-fuel Chiller Plant Delivers Significant Energy Savings to Owners of New York City’sTime & Life Building

Building boasts a one-of-a-kind tri-fuel plant that uses electric-, steam- and natural gas-powered chillers to meet increased cooling demands and achieve substantial savings in energy costs.

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