NovelAire Residential Gas-Fired Dehumidifier |

NovelAire Residential Gas-Fired Dehumidifier – Lowers Humidity and Improves Comfort 


With conventional air conditioning, moisture-laden air is passed over a cooling coil, which causes the moisture to condense. The air is cooled and some moisture is removed.   This compromise of temperature and humidity control can result in losses to either efficiency or comfort. A desiccant dehumidifier uses special materials (a desiccant) that “adsorb” rather than condense the moisture from the incoming air.

NovelAire Technologies’ DD 400-G is a gas fired desiccant based dehumidifier. It provides comfort and improved indoor air quality through the control of indoor air relative humidity.

The unit uses a separate humidistat to control the humidity of your home independently of the central HVAC system.



The optimum relative humidity range (see chart) for health is considered to be in the 45% to 55% range. Natural gas humidification and dehumidification systems can add moisture to indoor air during cold, dry winter months and wring excess moisture from hot, humid indoor air during the summer.



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