Advantages and Applications of Heat Pumps

Gas heat pumps are an economical, environmentally responsible  alternative to high electric costs and electric demand charges.  These systems provide significant operating cost savings that can easily offset equipment cost.  Depending on natural gas and electric rates and demand charges, payback periods for the various heat pump technologies vary, but can often range from two to four years.

A wide range of cooling and heating capacities and temperatures make gas heat pumps an excellent choice for:

  • Larger Residential Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Retailers
  • Bakeries

The uses of natural gas heat pumps are as varied as the available systems.  The following case studies demonstrate what happens when gas technologies are applied to real-world situations.

The following case studies require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader which is available here.


Natural gas heat pumps offers these important advantages:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Variable speed for efficient partial load operation (Engine Drive Systems)
  • Lower maintenance
  • Longer operating life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Initial costs quickly offset by energy savings
  • Available in many sizes

Engine-Driven Heat Pump Installed in LEED Silver Building

Used for decades in Asia and Europe, this natural gas heat pump technology is becoming popular in the U.S. Learn how this LEED Certified Fire Station cut its energy costs by 43%

Large Commercial Gas Fired Heat Pumps

Gas Fired Heat Pumps designed for Large Commercial applications with cooling capacities from 25-200 tons.

Naturally Better Gas Cooling

Gas-driven heat pumps are an increasingly efficient, affordable way to control your home’s temperature.  Heat pumps retain the lead position in home cooling options but the units of today are radically different than those of years past.

NextAire Packaged Gas Heat Pump

Using NextAire’s Packaged GHP in a restaurant not only helps the restaurant save money by avoiding high time of use or “demand” rates while increasing the comfort of restaurant patrons.

Heating and Cooling with Gas Absorption Heat Pumps – Holiday Inn Hotel, Mozzo (Bergamo), Italy

High energy efficiency, low electrical load, reduced environmental impact and integration with solar systems are the reasons why the Holiday Inn hotel near Bergamo is a remarkable example in the Italian hotel sector.

Haarlem – The Netherlands

A 2 MW, 382 unit apartment project utilizes Gas Absorption Water Source Heat Pump Systems lower facilities energy bill and provide a substantial improvement in living comfort.

Gas Absorption Geothermal Heat Pump System – Benny Farm, Montreal – Canada

The project provides a new standard for construction that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, potable water use, the production of waste water, and the production of solid waste through retrofitting, reuse and waste diversion.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Casa Serena, Rovigo – Italy

A 40-year old elder care facility must comply with new guidelines from the local authority for this type of facility. The project required heating and cooling the 6 floor facility.

Gas Absorption Water-Water Heat Pump System – Cantina Selvapiana, Rufina (Firenze) – Italy

These Robur units are utilized to satisfy both the comfort conditioning of the staff and also provide the process chilled and hot water requirements during the wine making process.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Civil Engineering, Arco (Trento) – Italy

The building, which serves as headquarters for a Civil Engineering group, is located in a small business park and consists of offices, a large open space and conference room.  This innovative application provides an innovative alternative to traditional electric compression systems.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Gambro Dasco, Medolla (Modena) – Italy

The 27,000 square feet facility serves approximately 105 employees in a modern 2-story building, consisting of offices and conference rooms. The HVAC system provides significant savings to the facilities owners.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Glastonbury, CT

A new 9,000-sq-ft Colonial style house is heated and cooled by two natural gas-fired absorption heat pumps.  This is one of the first residential installation of these unique heat pumps, which have a rated efficiency of 126%.

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Messaggerie del Garda Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova) – Italy

Using absorption heat pumps, a highly efficient system was retrofitted into this 3-story, glass-walled office building.  The installation had low impact on the previous water system and by optimizing energy consumption, provided heating efficiency up to 126% HHV).

Gas Absorption Reversible Heat Pump System – Zanovello S.p.A., Padova,  Italy

This multi-unit installation heats and cools a 64,000 cubic feet space with 9,000 cubic feet of offices and the balance dedicated to manufacturing, laboratories and test room.